Video Consulting – Process

In order for people to become comfortable with video, it needs to become a part of their everyday tools. The best way for this to happen is to integrate video functionality into existing business processes and communications tools.

Howard & Associates helps clients sort through these issues through the following means.

Requirements creation

    • Understand the customers' goals and desires and the applications they are trying to enable
    • Create a requirements document that will help determine the appropriate technology to implement
   Integration with existing communications tool

    • Analyze current communications tools, including video conferencing, web conferencing, video streaming, and Unified Communications, and determine how these can be integrated into a seamless solution

User Experience 

    • Determine how users will access the content and how mobile device access plays into the implementation
    • Create interface mockups to describe the user experience
    • Assist in the implementation of the web and mobile applications which drive the user experience

Custom Development

    • If required, we can assist the client with custom development to support particular workflow
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