Video Consulting – Technology

Once organizations have determined their approach to People and Process, then they can go about choosing a technology that best suits their goals. Having helped design and build many of the industry leading products in the IP video space, Howard & Associates are truly experts on the available technology and will work with our clients to determine what is the best fit for their needs. 

Technology overview

    • Overview of the available technologies on the market and the pros and cons of the different solutions
   Current communications tools
    • What communications tools are you using today? What do you like about them? Dislike about them?  
    • What new tools are you planning to roll out and why? What tools would you like to roll out that you are not currently planning?
   Network assessment 
    • Is the network optimized for video? 
    • If not, what needs to be done?
    • What is the bandwidth between sites? How many users per site will be utilizing video? How can I limit bandwidth utilization to ensure high quality?
    • What tools are available to ensure that video does not overwhelm the network?

 System architecture 

    • Integration with user directories (Active Directory and/or LDAP directories), storage, eCDNs, and server infrastructure
   Implementation plans 
    • Create plan to implement the technical solution
   Post implementation review 
    • Review technology adoption and create plan to increase utilization if goals are not being met