Product Development Consulting

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Howard & Associates helps clients sort through these issues through the following means.

Product planning

    • Review of current product capabilities
      • Create a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis on the current platform
    • User experience analysis for current products
      • Review the current platform from a User Experience perspective
      • Provide a list of improvement opportunities that can be fed to the product team or turned into requirements
    • User Personas analysis
      • User personas help to understand who you are selling to and what those customers need from a product, marketing, and sales perspective
    • Product requirements
      • Create product requirements and work with the engineering team to implement those requirements.

  • User Experience and User Interface Design

      • User Experience Design
        • For new products, we can work with the product management and engineering teams to sketch out the user experience with the product or service
      • User Interface Design
        • With our team of outside designers, we can also help design the look and feel of the product or service based on the user experience design
  • Competitive Analysis

      • Analysis of where the company fits in the competitive landscape, and how it compares to others
      • Competitive analysis can be at one of two levels 
        • Analysis of high level products and positioning and/or
        • Source product and complete a deep dive on the product capabilities