Video Consulting – People

For any technology to have an impact on the organization, it requires users to be comfortable with it to the point that it becomes second nature to them. Unfortunately, this key factor is often overlooked leading to underutilized technology that does not meet return on investment goals.

Through years of experience interacting with hundreds of customers, Howard & Associates understands that people are really the most important part of any video implementation. This is because, more than any other technology, video truly requires behavioral changes throughout the organization to allow for a successful deployment.

Building upon best practices, Howard & Associates will provide a detailed plan regarding:

1. Who will need to be involved in the upfront planning (IT staff, business owners, etc.)

2. Who will manage the equipment on an ongoing basis?

3. Who will manage the content? How will it be created? Will there be an approval process? Will user generated content be allowed?

4. What utilization goals should the customer have? How can utilization be increased?

5. What limits the uptake of video in the organization? Are your users afraid of video? Do they think it is too complicated?

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