Strategy, Product & Marketing Consulting

Howard & Associates supports technology companies in their strategy, product development, and marketing efforts to create and promote their products and services. Ultimately driving more revenue and profitability for the organization.

Howard & Associates has worked with organizations of all sizes to help them grow their business – from venture backed startups to some of the world’s best known technology brands. While we have domain expertise in video, we have worked with all types of technology organizations. 

These organizations run lean marketing departments and understand the value of working without outside expertise to augment their internal teams. With our background in Strategy, Product Management/Marketing, Business Development, and Strategic Alliances, we can help you win in the marketplace.

The following are the services we offer:

Strategic Planning

    • Assist clients in the creation of the strategic plan to determine where the company should focus its efforts.
   Marketing Planning
    • Vertical Analysis
      • Analysis of vertical markets that are optimal targets for the vendor’s technology
      • Creation of marketing briefs or sales tools that demonstrate the applications that are being delivered to those vertical markets (for example, the Oil & Gas industry uses the video technology to do X and Y)
    • Partner solutions
      • Create documentation that outlines how the vendor’s solutions integrate with partner solutions.
   Product planning
    • Review of current product capabilities
      • Create a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis on the current platform
    • User experience analysis for current products
      • Review the current platform from a User Experience perspective
      • Provide a list of improvement opportunities that can be fed to the product team or turned into requirements
    • User Personas analysis
      • User personas help to understand who you are selling to and what those customers need from a product, marketing, and sales perspective
    • Product requirements
      • Create product requirements and work with the engineering team to implement those requirements.

 User Experience and User Interface Design

    • User Experience Design
      • For new products, we can work with the product management and engineering teams to sketch out the user experience with the product or service
    • User Interface Design
      • With our team of outside designers, we can also help design the look and feel of the product or service based on the user experience design

Competitive Analysis

    • Analysis of where the company fits in the competitive landscape, and how it compares to others
    • Competitive analysis can be at one of two levels 
      • Analysis of high level products and positioning and/or
      • Source product and complete a deep dive on the product capabilities

Content Creation

    • White papers
      • White papers are one of the best marketing tools to explain a complex sale.
      • This paper can be utilized at many levels in the sales cycle and for many different marketing campaigns and is probably the single most important document.
    • Brochures, Datasheets, and Web Content
      • We can create copy for multiple types of marketing materials